Silvana pleasantly surprised us with her design concept for one of our first units in Brasilia. The unit she developed became the model for all of our units. Her work  –  revolutionary and refined – has contributed to the success of SABIN Laboratories, now one of the biggest and most awarded laboratories in Brazil.


Sandra Soares Costa
Founder and President
Grupo Sabin Laboratories
Brasília – DF, Brazil    

My goal was to open a warm, charming and beautifully decorated Italian restaurant in Brasilia. I contacted Silvana for help. She understood exactly what I wanted. Her ideas and recommendations were perfect. Today, Cantina da Massa is one of the most successful Italian restaraunts in Brazil’s capital city. I couldn’t have done this without her help. Thank you, Silvana! You made my dream come true.


Alda Bressan
Cantina da Massa
Brasília – DF, Brazil    

I can’t say enough great things about Silvana. Her knowledge and design skills are top notch. She listened carefully to all my concerns and brought up creative and elegant ideas for my home. Every day I wake up pleased with the investment. I highly recommend her services!


Ana Salles
Miami, Florida

Silvana was in charge of renovating my apartment in Brasilia. She developed the plans, coordinated all construction, acquired all furniture and materials, and met all deadlines. She is efficient and professional. She has a complete mastery of her craft. She exceeded all my expectations. I’m very happy with the result!


Seila de Castro
Brasília – DF, Brazil

Silvana Borges managed all interior design projects for our company headquarters. She developed the general layouts, visual designs, furniture specifications, and space definitions. Her work was excellent. Also, all work was completed on time. Thank you, Silvana!


Ennius Muniz
Founder and President
CONBRAL Construction
Brasília – DF, Brazil

We contacted Silvana because of her reputation and experience. We are very happy that we did. She is a dedicated professional with great technical ability. She met all deadlines and surpassed all expectations.


Olavo Miranda
Founder and President
Senso Engenharia
Manaus – AM, Brazil

Silvana Borges redesigned all interiors of Sescoop/Ocespin headquarters, a 12-story office building in São Paulo. Due to her extensive experience and ability to understand all company requirements, Silvana delivered perfect interior design solutions that actually exceeded our expectations.


Flavio Bersani
Admininstrative and Finance Manager
São Paulo- SP, Brazil    

The search for a new home is a challenging experience. There are so many options. My wife and I experienced difficulty in making the right choices. Then we hired Silvana as our consultant and interior designer. That changed everything. She guided us in the right direction and helped us manage important details. With her help, we found the perfect fit for our lifestyle.


Alex and Marilda Sikorski
Doral, FL USA

We had three properties designed by Silvana. She listened to us, became familiar with our spaces, and provided excellent advice. For every space she had an original solution that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Silvana. She’s always friendly, efficient and professional.


Miriam Bermudez
Mamed Zaidan
Brasília – DF, Brazil

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of interior design, Silvana Borges was asked to set up the first headquarters of the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers (ABD) in Brasilia.


Renata Duarte Amaral
President, ABD
São Paulo – SP, Brazil

In terms of interior design and the arts, Silvana Borges is a professional of exceptionally high technical abilities.


Roberto Moita
Manaus – AM, Brazil